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Research          Interaction          Interface What we did
> Interviews [3] in the workplace
> Flow model
> Sequence model
> System Structure
> Wireframes
> Graphical design
> Style guide

> Seven weeks
AG5 helps organizations to get insight in the skills of their co-workers. To that end they deliver tailored software for occupational groups, by which all important activities concerning skills of co-workers can be recorded, evaluated, planned and reported. Their Emergency and Exercises Management System especially targets on fire departments, chemistry, local governments, police departments and security regions.

Despite close contacts between AG5 and their users it seemed that, because of rapid growth of the application, several solutions in interaction and interface design weren't sufficient anymore. Layouts looked too much alike and AG5 wanted to know when to be consistent and when to vary. Besides this their target audience became more extensive and diverse.

Because we take into account the way of working and the total workflow, the users now get a lot of feedback about where they are, what the possibilities are and where they can find these possibilities in the application. We keep the summary of data and input of data in the same overview, thus users won't make mistakes. We removed redundant information by showing relevant data and functions. And in addition letting them decide on the sequence of tasks in their own personal way. Helping users to make their analysis fast. Because users wanted large overviews and are able to handle this, the expert level of the interface and interaction is high. This is not a problem because of clear clues. In the form of transparency of the total context and feedback of information in the right place and at the right time.

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