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Onderzoek          Interactie           Interface What we did
> Interviews [6] in the workplace
> Mental model/Affinity diagram
> Artefact model
> Persona development
> Task analysis
> Wireframes
> Graphical design
> Style guide

> Seven weeks
OpenCare ARBO already exists as a desktop application. In the new web version Prevalent (now Centric Healthcare Solutions) decided to resolve the complaints of the users by means of a design process involving the users.

Because of a large number of screens for input of information, doctors were spending too much time on the application, time better spent on patients. The integration of the daily tasks in the new system became the challenge for us. Because of the large extent of OpenCare ARBO it was decided to redesign part of the application, thereby creating an interaction concept that could be used for the total application. The part chosen was "Doctor consultation and follow up", because most complaints received related to this part of the application.

The first phase of the redesign was spent interviewing doctors, absence-consultants, and administrative staff. In less than two weeks we obtained an insight of the real users. This phase was concluded with an brainstorm session covering patterns in behaviour, a task analysis, a affinity diagram and an introduction of the personas. During this brainstorm session the work models and personas guided the design decisions. Each phase was documented making it possible to start programming, using the wireframes, before the graphical design phase was finalized.

"We realized early on that we needed an experienced partner to design a complete new interaction concept for our software. Their willingness to work closely with us, has been critical to an outstanding result. We are extremely involved in our clients and the approach of Filterdesign has improved our knowledge of usability for our clients immensely."
> Marco van Zelst: R&D manager
> André Proost: CEO


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