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Research          Interaction          Interface What we did
> Interviews [6] in the workplace
> Mental model/Affinity diagram
> Persona development
> Information analysis
> Site structure
> Wireframes
> Usability test
> Guidelines

> Seven weeks
The Dutch site of the EVD aims at stimulating Dutch entrepreneurs to act and cooperate (more) on the international business market. The site serves as an information product and communication tool for these entrepreneurs. Besides this the intent is to show Dutch entrepreneurs that the EVD is also creating conditions and in that sense is clearing the road for international entrepreneurship and cooperation.

An important part of the mission was to improve the findability of the products and services. A new structure in which all target groups could find their way in the huge quantity and different types of information. They wanted a communication switch from 'sending' to 'dialog' to increase the participation with the target groups. The EVD already had an idea of the new requirements and also the solutions. The questions they had were whether these requirements were really going to connect with their target groups.

Together with the EVD we started to describe the goals and roles belonging to the target groups. These roles were leading when selecting the participants for the interviews. Several entrepreneurs were interviewed in the workplace, which enabled us to create a clear vision of the target groups. Requirements could be defined more precisely, added or erased. Then all design decisions were based on the work models and personas from this research.

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