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Onderzoek          Interactie           Interface What we did
> Interviews [6] in the workplace
> Focus group
> Mental model/Affinity diagram
> Artefact model
> Persona development
> Scenarios
> Wireframes
> Usability test
> Graphical design
> Style guide
> Workshops & coaching
The Ruud de Moor Centre (RdMC) offers products and services for schools and teachers to support them in their daily work practice. The RdMC is a subdivision of the Open University.

For thirty existing products the RdMC wanted to make several improvements:
- Attract users
- Keeping users
- Maximize the number of users

"On one hand we wanted, as a Virtual Work- and Education environment to improve the web-environment of our products. On the other hand we wanted a graphical design, logos and the use of different functional elements described in a style guide. It had to relate to graphical design elements as well as interaction design concerning all RdMC-products."

Filterdesign created, in a short period of time, a product unification, which allows target groups to see what RdMC has to offer, ‘You are here, you can do this, that is over there and what is new’. The new structure links closely to what users expect from the RdMC. All new guidelines for the screens and navigation are described in a style guide.

On our blog 'Filterdesign over User-Centered Design' you can download the affinity diagrams (mental models), a flow model and the personas.

"When it became clear to us at the Ruud de Moor Centre that in the future we were going to present our loose products more and more in combination, we asked Filterdesign to evaluate how the users experienced the products and to make a design for the look and feel and navigation for the products and the portal where the products were being presented. The result exceeded all our expectations, in terms of speed of delivery as well as substance. The result also taught us to involve the user much earlier in the development process of our products. The principles of User-Centered Design, which are used by Filterdesign, are now going to be introduced into our organization. At the moment Filterdesign is working with us to implement these techniques into our organization."
> Robert Schuwer: Senior Lecturer


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