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Onderzoek          Interactie           Interface What we did
> Interviews [7] in the workplace
> Mental model/Affinity diagram
> Artefact model
> Persona development
> Information analysis
> Wireframes
> Usability test
> Guidelines

> Seven weeks
TenneT, the organization who takes care of the energy transport in the Netherlands, approached Filterdesign for a total redesign of the interaction of their website. The website contains dynamic information for the energy market. We wanted to create a site which would satisfy this demanding target group. Apart from this existing target groups a new target group had to be serviced: the consumer. The main question TenneT had was: "What do our target groups expect from TenneT?"

Consumer research ensured that priorities could be made in presenting information, at the right place and time. The use of metadata to enable the visitor to filter the information. A site structure that supports the visitor in a way which reminds him of the steps that can be taken. Reducing the information according to the target groups individual interests. For the new target groups, the consumer, personas were developed.

Our analysis resulted in a list of concrete solutions and defined the new design strategy: "An analysis platform in which processes, summaries and data are dynamically presented and aimed at user goals, supporting daily tasks." The expectations of each target group were covered in a model; all models shaped the expectation model for TenneT. Information was clustered by usage and meaning, thus preventing superfluous data. This way the workflow of the visitor is not interrupted, as it is not necessary to switch between pages to collect the required information. Our chosen strategy was strongly confirmed by the usability tests.

"We are very well-pleased with the result accomplished thanks to Filterdesign. It was the first time for us that we worked together with an interactive designer. The result of the brainstorm sessions and polls showed that the navigation was one of the biggest obstacles. Filterdesign learned us to look at the navigation and definitions in a different way. This was an informative project and it brought us a good site-structure. We look back on a very pleasant co-operation and therefore we want to thank Filterdesign very much."
> Ursula Schennink-Reulink: Head of Communications


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